FetchBot Social is a platform allows your business to engage your audience, grow your audience and monetize your audience with player-to-player challenges, leaderboards and collaborative games.

FetchBot Social games are built in HTML5 and run within messaging apps, IOS or Android apps, social media platforms or any web browser.

FetchBot Social games provide numerous opportunities to monetize your audience while entertaining and engaging them with game sponsorship, product placement and branding, ad revenue, promotions and in-game purchase opportunities.

Choose a game to play and challenge your friends.

How It Works

We build your games, your game environment and we deliver and manage all gaming activities.
You give us any needed branding/sponsorships, help us with any needed points of integration and deliver the players.
Everyone has more fun, feels more connected and is a winner.

Play Our Social Games

Gaming is taking the world by storm. FetchBot games are fun, easy to play and engaging. As our games are produced using HTML5, they can be played on any device and platform, including on the web, social media and messaging apps. With a personal leaderboard, anyone can challenge their friends from their own social circle and see who comes out on top. By branding these games and leaderboards, you can instantly increase engagement of your customers and encourage them to share the game – and your brand – with their friends. 

See Where You Rank

FetchBot allows anyone to create a personal leaderboard so that they can directly challenge friends and see who amongst their social circle comes out on top. Only the top score from each individual is shown, so everyone has a chance to show their best performance.With a branded game, you can fully engage your audience to increase brand awareness.

Challenge Your Friends

By sharing the leaderboard on social networks, messaging apps or blogs, players can immediately draw their friends into the gaming experience. The challenge goes viral as everyone tries to move their way up the leaderboard. In the case of a branded game, this instantly draws new clients to your brand.

Show Them Who’s Boss

Everyone likes to be a winner. By having direct challenges from their friends, players will be encouraged to play the game over and over again and try to get to the top of the leaderboard. To add some competitive spirit, players can use their existing messaging apps or share on social media to continue to challenge friends. Most importantly, as players continue to play, they are continuously reacquainted with your brand.

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