How It Works

Pick a game and a microsite theme, add your branding or fully customize. Do a little or do a lot.
Set up your promotion type and prizes. Giveaways, instant wins and draws.
Add some details to get the most from your promotion. Data collection, tracking links, etc.
Launch on your website, to your email list or on any advertising medium and share on your social platforms.

Choose One of our Exciting Game Templates

Backgrounds. Characters. Moon craters. You can brand every pixel of your FetchBot game.

Advanced Design

FetchBot game and microsite templates are fully responsive, designed to work on all devices. Our team keeps an eye on trends in design, technology and gaming, ensuring you have world-class options to select from.


In less than an afternoon, you can have a fully functional promotion game and microsite customized to fit your brand. Promotions are saved in our system so you can quickly duplicate them, saving time and effort.

Branded Content Made Easy

FetchBot games and microsites are easily customizable to match your brand. Select from our game and microsite templates and change a little, or change a lot.

Professional Quality

There’s no need for your own creative or technical team to produce a promotion. Professional quality is built in, with minimal effort. With the FetchBot platform they can fully design, brand and launch a game and microsite.

Universally Entertaining

Gaming has reached far beyond the critical mass; from grandchildren to grandparents and all the consumers in between. Pick your game, add the universal drawing power of winning a fantastic prize, and your promotion is sure to attract a large audience.

What’s a FetchBot Promotion?

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