Getting Started

What is FetchBot Social?

FetchBot Social games are HTML5 games that run within chat apps, social media platforms or any web browser. Our games can be configured to run within any application and on every device. In addition to a library of FetchBot Social games, we provide highly customized games to reflect your unique brand, your products or your sponsors.

FetchBot Social games provide numerous opportunities to monetize your audience while entertaining them and engaging them with game sponsorship, product placement and branding, ad revenue, promotions and in-game purchase opportunities.

What is a FetchBot promotion?

FetchBot makes great marketing games that you can customize. All come with a customizable game experience and microsite that you can brand yourself. It’s the most entertaining and affordable way for you to run an online promotion. You can give away coupons, digital prizes, draw prizes, and feature instant wins. You can share your promotion on social media to generate leads, increase sales and grow your mailing list. Your customers win because they’re entertained and receive a prize. And you win because everyone loves playing games.

What is the difference between a lottery, a contest and a sweepstakes?

A lottery involves the award of a prize based on chance where the participant pays to enter (pays cash or anything of value). Lotteries are highly regulated and require specific government licenses. Winners of a contest are determined by skill. Winners of a sweepstakes are determined by chance. At FetchBot all our current promotion types fall under sweepstakes.

What is the difference between the ways you can give away prizes?

FIRST COME prizes are given away to a set number of participants in your promotion. For example, if you select this type of giveaway, and have 50 free memberships or subscriptions to give away, only the first 50 participants will get a free membership or subscription.

INSTANT WIN prizes are similar, but they are given away at random, based on the odds of your promotion (FetchBot will automatically determine the odds of winning if you provide an estimated number of participants). So, if you have 50 gift cards and you estimate you’ll have 5,000 participants, then one out of every 100 will win a gift card. Alternately, you can set the odds of winning yourself, if you would like to give away the prizes quicker.

DRAW PRIZE is easy, everyone who participates is entered into a draw that is made after the promotion ends. Draw prizes are typically larger, grand prizes in nature. Winners are selected randomly. The odds of winning will depend on the number of eligible entries

EVERYONE WINS is just that – a prize that every participant receives for simply participating. The typical Everyone Wins prize is a discount code or coupon for a percentage off merchandise or free shipping or a gift with purchase.

Can I try FetchBot before buying?

You can fully customize your promotion from start to finish without any payment. When you want to schedule your promotion, that’s when you pay.

What do I need to have ready before creating a promotion on FetchBot?

Very little. FetchBot pretty much does it all for you. What would make things faster is if you had the following: Your logo, brand colors (hex# values), prize info (name, description and image) as well as your company’s credit card information. See our Getting Started Checklist for more details.

How long can a promotion be in editing mode before I have to pay?

You can work on your draft campaign for up to 90 days before paying. Older inactive draft campaigns may be automatically deleted.


Can I define a list of one-time use coupon codes?

Yes, in the “add prize” section, you select “digital prize” and provide the appropriate download link.

Does your system allow me to define digital products as a prize?

Yes, in the “add prize” section, you select “digital prize” and provide the appropriate download link.

Customizing your Promotion

What are the design specifications for the games?

Each game is different. You can make simple changes like adding your logo or brand colors or make detailed changes in the game editor.

What are the best image formats to use on the site and in games?

For game images just check the recommendations in the particular game editor.
For a background image on your promotion pages we support the use of JPEG or PNG files under 2MB in size.

For prize images we suggest a 200 pixel by 200 pixel size. You can use a larger or smaller image but it will be displayed at 200×200.

Building your Promotion

How do I create an instant win promotion?

Under the “Prizes” tab, select “New Prize” and complete the descriptive information. Select “Instant Win” and provide the quantity and prize value. FetchBot will calculate the odds of winning based on your estimated number of campaign participants. You can also choose to set your own odds of winning.

How do I create a First Come promotion?

Under the “Prizes” tab, select “New Prize” and complete the descriptive information. Select “First Come” and provide the number of prizes you are offering.

How do I create a draw promotion?

Under the “Prizes” tab, select “New Prize” and complete the descriptive information. Select “Draw Prize” and provide the quantity and prize value. The odds of winning will depend on the number of eligible entries.

How do I create an Everyone Wins promotion?

Under the “Prizes” tab, select “New Prize” and complete the descriptive information. Select “Everyone Wins”. Each participant will receive the prize you have identified.

Can I combine the different promotion types?

You can combine all or any number of the promotion types in a single promotion. Or you can just use one of them.

How do I see what my promotion will look like on a mobile phone?

Once you have completed the information for your promotion, you can review the look and feel on any device under the “Test” tab.

How do I embed the promotion into my company's website?

We do not recommend embedding the promotion in your website. Doing so may impact the resizing of the promotion pages for different screen sizes. We would recommend placing a link on your website which opens the promotion pages in a new window. From there, FetchBot can take over and give your customers the best gaming experience possible.

How long can my promotion be?

Promotions can run for a maximum of 90 days from the launch date.

Can I run a promotion in multiple languages at the same time?

Promotions can only be offered in one language at a time.

How can I automatically pre-fill the form fields on the entry page?

We don’t currently support the pre-fill function for known customers.

Can I set up notifications for my promotion?

Check the “Notifications” tab for options to receive various types of notifications regarding your promotion.

How do I see what my promotion will look like on a mobile phone?

Once you have completed the information for your promotion, you can review the look and feel on any device under the “Test” tab.

When will the pre-launch page show? (after purchase)

The pre-launch page will be displayed to anyone who clicks on any of your promotional advertisements or links prior to the launch date/time of your promotion.

End User

Do my customers need to download an app to participate?

There is no need for customers to download anything.

Can my customers share the promotion with their friends?

Any link to your promotion, from your website, Twitter feed, Facebook page, etc. can be shared. You can also add links directly inside the promotion pages to allow participants to share the links directly to their own social media pages to further increase traffic. Go to the “Site Editor” tab, and in the far right menu, click on “Social Media” and then check the box for “Enable Sharing”. You can then select the social media sites on which to allow sharing.

Live Promotion

What elements can I edit once my promotion is live?

You can add and remove Data Collection fields, change any of the visual elements of your game, change the image, description and information URL for your prizes, add additional URLs to access your promotion, change the “From” name for your email notifications, or change how your data is sent to your MailChimp mailing list.

After your promotion is finished

How are winners of my promotion notified?

FetchBot sends a custom email to all winners. Under the “Notifications” tab you can view the default text and edit the template.

Can I export the consumer list?

In FetchBot HQ, under “My Promotions”, you can export the list of participants to a CSV file and from that import to Excel or to any CRM tool.

How are winners determined for each prize type?

For each new prize set up, you choose how the winner is determined, either everyone wins, the first specified number win or multiple instant winners are selected randomly or in a random draw at the end of the promotion.

Will FetchBot ship my prizes?

Sorry, we don’t ship prizes.

My Account

Where can I reprint my invoice?

From the FetchBot dashboard, click on ‘My Account’ in the top left-hand menu, and click on ‘My Payments’. For any invoice in the list, you can click the proper icon to view or download the invoice.

Legal and Privacy

Should I consult with legal council to review my promotion?

We absolutely recommend running your promotion past legal counsel. At FetchBot we provide you with general guidelines, but by no means does it replace having a lawyer review your promotion.

Can I email all participants of my promotion?

At any time, you can view the list of participants who have entered your promotion and export all of the provided data into a CSV file. You can then manually email the participants, or import the data into a mailing list provider (MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact etc).

Can children under 13 participate in a promotion?

Legal jurisdictions have different rules related to dealing with minors. We recommend the minimum participation age of 13 years. This is the minimum age required in the U.S.A. to be compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA).

Why do I need to identify where my promotions can be offered?

You may wish to limit the audience to areas where your product or services are available. In some cases certain regions may have specific regulations in place regarding these types of promotions. If there are regions where you are not sure about legal compliance, it’s safest to not accept entries from that region.

I have received a DMCA takedown notice, but I'm not using copyrighted material, what do I do now?

Send us an email with details and we will get back to you.

How do I make people aware of my promotion?

Once your promotion is complete, you can copy the link(s) that we have generated for you, and share them on your Website, newsletter, blog or social media feeds, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus. The links are already shortened for you for easy sharing.

What is a skill testing question?

This is a requirement under Canadian law where the prize is awarded based on chance. FetchBot will automatically generate this for you if you choose to offer your promotion in Canada.

Do you provide the game rules?

FetchBot will automatically generate Official Rules for your promotion based on the information you provide while setting it up. You can edit these rules or add any special rules you want to impose.


How do I integrate this promotion with my Google Analytics account?

In the Links & Tracking tab, choose ‘Enable’ under the ‘Set Up Google Analytics’ section. Enter your own Google Analytics tracking ID, and this will be embedded in your promotion.

Can I use my Google Analytics tracking ID to get insight about my promotion?

You can log into your Google Analytics account to view data on how many visits you have had to your promotion, and how many of those have entered.

Why am I not seeing the promotion show up in my Google analytics account?

Double check in your Google Analytics account that you have the right Google Analytics Tracking ID selected. In the FetchBot dashboard, click on the Edit button for your promotion and go to the ‘Links & Tracking’ tab.

What email services are integrated?

We are currently integrated with MailChimp. If you don’t use MailChimp, you can simply export your promotions data to a CSV file and then import the data into any other mailing list provider you use.


Can I use a promotion without a game?

At this time, all promotions must contain an entry page template and a game.

What if I don't see a game I want?

Then we want to hear from you! Please send your suggestions to info@fetchbot.com or fill out our contact form.

How do I customize a game?

Select a game under the “Game” tab and follow the “Customize your Game” editor. You can choose from a library of images or upload your own.

How do I change the audio or sound effects in a game?

In the “Customize your Game” section, you will see a tab for “Sounds and Music”. If sounds can be edited for a particular game, they can be found in the library of available sounds or you can upload your own.

How do i pick the right game for my customers?

First check out our games page. There you will find descriptions of the categories of games we have and for each one we let you know which game would be great for different customers. For instance a puzzle game is pretty popular with the ladies, whereas the space commander game is pretty hot with the men.

Are you adding new games? (Yes, with opportunity to recommend)

We are always adding new games. If you don’t see something you want, just get in touch. We would love to hear from you.